Import and Export Solutions

Looking after international trade legislation so that you can concentrate on sales.

Understand the legislation and benefit from our experience

International trade is a complex business with many pitfalls along the way. Our objectives are to keep Managing Directors out of jail, avoid fines and penalties, minimise costs, obtain payments quickly and keep customers happy!

Why choose Import & Export Solutions?

With 35 years experience in international trade, Import & Export Solutions is able to evaluate problems and opportunities not just from an export licensing point of view but also from contractual terms and conditions, Customs considerations, shipping, insurance and payments. Quite simply a ‘one stop shop’.

Legislation and regulations

We have many years experience in shipping to worldwide destinations and review UK and overseas Customs requirements, carriage insurance, payments and UK/EU and US export licensing controls.

What is our expertise?

We have most experience in the aerospace and defence sector dealing with the complexities of UK/EU and US export control legislation. However, we are always fascinated by new products and enjoy the complexity of evaluating opportunities against current legislation.