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Training: Executive overview on UK, EU and US export controls – seminar and workshop

Let’s look at the ‘big picture’ of export controls and then focus on how the controls impact your business.


  • developing new products
  • interacting with the supply chain
  • business travel
  • working with foreign nationals
  • incorporating US controlled items into your product and more!

More details… or book below.

Training: Get started with export controls (Day 1 & 2)

Day 1 – UK/EU export controls (book as a stand-alone course here)
Day 2 – US Re-export controls (book as a stand-alone course here)
More details, or book below.

Training: Mentoring for Export Compliance Officers

One day seminar  can be tailored to your needs. More details

Training: Technology controls and product development

In this one day seminar, we use practical examples of how to evaluate opportunities, explore the control lists and then guide you into the correct areas. More details, or book below.

Training: Buying from the USA and why it’s not easy!

  • Understand how goods are classified for Customs and Export Controls
  • Why you need to ‘know your customer’
  • How to get re-export/retransfer authorisation
  • What information/supporting documentation is required
  • What can you do to streamline the process and get your goods quicker!

More details… or book below.

Training: Introduction to International Trade

Baffled and frustrated with International Trade? Find out what it’s all about! More details… or book below

Training: Are you an Arms Dealer?

Making a commitment to move goods from one country to another is viewed as Trafficking & Brokering and requires registration and reporting. Explore what licences are already available and when your activity needs individual authorisation. More details… or book below.

Training: Implementing a Compliance Program

So now you know that export control is a big deal. How do you educate your colleagues and work together towards compliance? This one day seminar shows you the steps to take starting with your MD and how to cascade responsibility throughout your organisation. More details or book below

Training: UK/EU and US Export Controls

This training course has been updated and is now called ‘Get started with export controls’.


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